The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

How to Interpret the Meaning of The Devil Card in Your Tarot Readings


The Devil card often referred to as the “Fool’s Journey” in tarot, is one of the more complex and powerful cards to interpret. This card can represent a variety of meanings depending on the context of the reading. It is important for tarot readers to be aware of how this card can be interpreted in order to provide readings that are accurate and helpful.

Generally, The Devil card symbolizes materialism, temptation, power, and addiction.

It can signify a dark period in someone's life where they feel constrained by their material possessions or infatuated with power. This card implies that an individual has become entrapped in their own vices or desires, leading them down a destructive path that will ultimately bring them pain and suffering. The Devil also suggests that an individual may have become enslaved to their own ego or pride, leading them astray from fulfilling their true potential.


The Devil card can also represent negative influences from outside sources such as peers or family members who are encouraging destructive behavior.

In some cases, it could even signify an actual person who is manipulating someone for their own gain or pleasure. In other cases, it could be symbolic of negative thoughts or feelings such as fear and insecurity which are preventing someone from moving forward in life and achieving their goals. In any case, it is important for readers to look further into the context of the reading in order to get a better understanding of what this card means for the individual being read.


When interpreting The Devil card in readings, it is important for readers to take into consideration its position relative to other cards within the spread as well as any surrounding cards which provide further context into its meaning within the reading itself. For example, if The Devil appears next to The Lovers then this could suggest some kind of forbidden relationship or temptation between two people which should be carefully considered before proceeding with any sort of action involving either party involved (especially if there are other cards like Death indicating drastic consequences). On the other hand, if The Devil appears next to Temperance then this could suggest that although there may be temptations present within one's life one should take steps towards self-control and moderation in order not to fall prey to these temptations while still allowing themselves some kind of pleasure every now and again (in line with Temperance's meaning).

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A reversed version of The Devil can indicate liberation from one's vices or bondage but it is important not to forget about these lessons once released so they do not fall into similar traps again later on down the road (as indicated by Justice appearing near By Threes).


Ultimately readers should pay attention when interpreting this powerful card regardless if it appears upright or reversed so they can properly convey its message accurately during readings while also providing helpful insight into how best to deal with its implications depending on each specific situation presented during a reading session.